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2013.03.29 Super Screen Capture 6.0 released

New interface - Add new interface skin, professional GUI design, it looks very nice.

Screen Capture Main Bar

New function - Add "Fixed Region Capture". You can preset the width and height to capture fixed region. And you can press <Space> to change region size.

Fixed Region Capture

New function - Add "Active Window Capture". If you use the window default function to capture Active Window, you need 4 steps:

Active Window Capture

1. Press <Alt + Print Screen> to capture the active window.

2. Launch the Microsoft Paint program.

3. Paste the bitmap from clipboard.

4. Save the bitmap as a file.

This is too complicated! Use the Super Screen Capture, You just need one step: Press <Alt + Print Screen> and it's will save a file automatic!

New function - Support any hotkeys, you can define any hotkeys, such as <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Shift> + <Print Screen>, <Scroll Lock>, <Num Lock>, <Backspace>, <Pause Break> and etc.

Screen Capture Options

New function - You can use the default hotkeys to capture screen, Press <Print Screen> to Capture Full Screen, Press <Alt + Print Screen> to Capture Active Window.

New features - Full support for Microsoft Windows 8.

New features - Full support for Microsoft Windows 7.

New features - Full support for Microsoft Windows Vista.

New function - Add "Delay before capture" option, If your computer is slow, you can increase the delay time before capture.


2009.07.25 Super Screen Capture 5.0 released

New function - Capture Auto-Scroll Screen from FireFox. You can capture a BIG Webpage to a file(Support webpage height more than 50000 pixels). 100% Compatible all Scroll Windows/ Web Browsers:

fire fox scroll screen capture

New function - Screen Color Picker, Capture HEX/RGB/DEC code from your screen for HTML editing, Image editing and etc.

picker screen capture

New function - Polygon Screen Tool, Capture a Polygon Screen for you want.

New function - Recording Video Screen use Video Compression and Audio Compression , Like DIVX or MPEG-Layer3 codec.

video record options

New function - Directly Recording Audio to a MP3 File.

audio record options

New function - Add a WaterMark Tool, You can easily add custom Watermark (text, image or frame) to your Capture Images.


New function - Add "to Word" and "to PowerPoint" for export mode. Now You can Capture Screenshots to Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint directly.

Capture Screen to Microsoft Word Capture Screen to Microsoft PowerPoint

New function - Add "Capture Mouse Cursor" for export mode, You can Capture Mouse Cursor to your screenshot.

Enhanced - Edge Effects Tool, Added a Fade Effects. Export Edge Effects 4 edges instead of 2 edges.

edge effects

Enhanced - File Manager, Add Line, Pixels, Pencil, Text, Rectangle, Ellipse, WaterMark Tools for Image Editing. Use Vista style gallery.

  • Added "Redo/Undo" Tool in File Manager.
  • Added "Select / Copy / Cut / Paste" Tool in File Manager.
  • Added "Zoom in / Zoom out" Tool in File Manager.

Fixed - Some bugs.

2006.04.18 Super Screen Capture 2.5 released

Screen Caption TextNew function - "Text/Balloon Tool"
You can use it to add text/balloon to your screenshot easily and quickly. You can adjust the text, include change the opacity, choice the different angle, set font and etc.

Fixed - Can't capture window screen sometimes.

Fixed - Can't capture when scroll at the window.

Fixed - Can't delete image from image edit tools.

Fixed - Optimize image crop tool.

Fixed - Some bugs.

2006.04.05 Super Screen Capture 2.4 released

New function - "Edge Effects Tool "Screen Caption Edge Effects
Edge Effects are special effects that you place around the outside edge of your capture. You can add these effects either as a filter after capturing.

New function - "Resize tool"

New function - "Adjust Color tool"

New function - "Cut tool"

New function - "Capture full screen video"

New function - New Hot Keys for video capture.

New options - Add menu for image editing tool.

Fixed - Can't auto save view mode in image editing tool.

Fixed - Some bugs.

2006.03.17 Super Screen Capture 2.2 released

Free Screen Capture is divided into three software:

  • Pro Edition
  • Plus Edition
  • Free Edition

What's different?

New function - "Capturing Video and audio".
You can capture the video and audio.

New options - Show the Tools Bar after capture.

New options - Play Sound after capture.

Fixed - Can't Capturing Scroll Webpage at some time.

Fixed - Can't show the size of file. (Image Editing Tools)

Fixed - Some bugs.

2006.03.04 Free Screen Capture 2.1.1 released

Fixed - Can't shut down Computer in Windows XP.

Fixed - Can't Capturing Scroll Screen in Windows98se.

Fixed - Can't Capturing title bar in Window Capture mode.

Fixed - Can't uninstall.

Fixed - Some bugs.

2006.02.28 Free Screen Capture 2.1 released

New function - "Auto Scroll Screen Capture"
You can capture the scroll window/webpage, and save them as image files.

New options - "Auto Scroll refresh time"
You can control the time to scroll.

Fixed - The "Temp Folder" can't be change.

Fixed - Some bugs.

2006.02.16 Free Screen Capture 2.0 released

New function - "Video Screen Capture"

New function - "Sound Capture"

New function - "Circular Screen Capture"

New function - "Polygonal Screen Capture"

New function - "Custom Interface"

New function - "Custom Hot Keys"

New function - "Custom Output Ways"

2006.01.01 Free Screen Capture 1.0 released

New function - "Full Screen Capture"

New function - "Window Screen Capture"

New function - "Rectangle Screen Capture"

New tools - "Image Editing Software"


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